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Professionals today are often too busy to plan for their investments and do not know where to find relevant knowledge to educate themselves as they suffer from information overload from the internet.


Most end up buying stocks randomly based on rumors or suggestions by friends or brokers. Some even invested in get-rich-quick scams and lost money. Some have given up on investing altogether.


Investors do not have a holistic way to assess the quality and monitor the  performance of their investments. They end up not monitoring.

Metapyr is a financial technology platform  that focuses on the mid to senior level professionals and investors, aiming to educate, facilitate knowledge exchange and offer access to verified investment opportunities via a secure App connected across our private network.

It's a more global world, it's a more competitive world, and it's a more immediate world. So you can't do things the way you did 10 years ago, or even five years ago, particularly on investments

What's really exciting is how many institutions are embracing the need for change. What we're seeing as business as different is just going to be the norm. It's already happening…

Our approach to investing

Focusing on  winning strategies

   Diversification just goes against investors’ instincts at times like these,

When markets get difficult, investors tend to concentrate their portfolio on a strategy that had been working. Yet investors who are focused on what’s worked before may miss an important turning point.. Take Netflix stock, for example. It was one of the hottest stocks of 2018, returning 39% last year. However, Netflix has underperformed the market this year (the S&P 500 Index has been up 25% year-to-date), returning just over 9%.

   Instead, analysis recommends keeping an open mind when it comes to investing and make sure you have a balanced, diversified investment mix. What happened over the last year — every major asset class produced above-average returns,.

In that case..  “It paid to be broadly diversified.”

Importance of macro economy fundamentals

   While governments’ choices on macroeconomic and fiscal policies are already complicated, they gain a significant layer of complexity in countries facing fragility and conflict. Over the past decade the world has witnessed a resurgence of conflict across a variety of countries, including both low-income and middle-income countries. In some contexts, macroeconomics can be considered a driver or enabler of conflict. This is the case in societies where the distribution of natural resource rents is contested and at the root of conflict. In some cases, macroeconomic policymakers are working to achieve the goals of growth, poverty reduction and shared prosperity in an environment constrained by fragility and conflict. The efficacy of certain approaches will depend on the challenges facing a country at the different stages of conflict:  in contexts of fragility, during conflict, and in a post-conflict environment (stabilization, reconstruction, kick-starting growth, building resilience).These macroeconomic policy choices will also vary based on countries’ income levels, endowments of human and physical capital as well as natural resources, not to mention the state’s institutional capabilities.




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