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Metapyr Ecosystem & Tokenomics  

A unit of value that Metapyr  creates to self-govern its business model, and empower its users to interact with its products, while facilitating the distribution and sharing of rewards and benefits to all of its stakeholders.

Metapyr to announce MMM token , local currency tool, designed to facilitate  value exchange transaction only within Metapyr  upcoming ecosystem. The blockchain foundation behind it will be developed to improve transparency and openness of the platform.

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The Right

Owning a token bestows a right that results in product usage, a governance action, a given contribution, voting, or plain access to the product or market. In some cases, tokens will grant real ownership, even if most organizations are trying to avoid passing the Howey Test by skirting around the ownership aspect.

The Value Exchange

The token is also an atomic unit of value exchange inside a particular market or app, resulting in the creation of a transactional economy between buyers and sellers. This consists of features that allow users to earn value and to spend it on services that are internal to the inherent ecosystem. They can earn it by doing active work (real work and actions), or passive work (e.g. sharing data). The creation of such an internal economy is arguably one of the most important outcomes, and one that must be sustained over time.

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The Toll

Just like paying a toll to use a freeway, the token can be the pay-per-use rail for getting on the blockchain infrastructure or for using the product. This also ensures that users have skin in the game. It can include running smart contracts to perform a specific function, paying for a security deposit, or plain usage fees in the form of transaction fees or other metered metric

Asset tokenization

Asset Tokenization is the process by which typically off-chain Assets are represented on the Blockchain in the form of tokens. This usually is best done on a sufficiently decentralized chain like Ethereum

We foresee a world where anything and everything will be tokenised soon. Metapyr  provides a robust, Secure and ready-made platform for you to instantly tokenise your Assets. Also a crowd funding platform to get you attracting investors for the tokenised assets worldwide.




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